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How to operate a glass cutting machine What matters should be paid attention to when operating a glass cutting machine
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Glass cutting machine, as the name implies, is a machine used to cut glass, mainly used for glass processing and blanking. As a large-scale machine, glass cutting machine should pay attention to the correct operation method. When operating the glass cutting machine, you should take protective measures, turn on the power, and after starting the program, place the glass to be cut on the cutting table, fix the glass after positioning, and wait for it to automatically cut; remove the glass after cutting , clean the countertop and then proceed to the next piece of glass cutting operation. Let's take a look at the operation method and precautions of the glass cutting machine.

1. What is a glass cutting machine?

Glass cutting machine, as the name implies, is a mechanical equipment used to cut glass. It is a processing machine specially used for glass processing and blanking. composed of other parts.

Second, the operation method of glass cutting machine

The glass cutting machine is a kind of large-scale machinery. When using and operating, pay attention to the correct operation methods and procedures. The method and steps of the correct operation of the glass cutting machine are as follows:

1. Take safety protection measures, wear gloves, protective glasses, and special iron shoes.

2. Turn on the power switch, start the ncstudio program, first all return to the mechanical origin, then return to the fixed point, then load the programs that need to be applied, and confirm these programs.

3. Place the glass to be cut on the cutting table of the glass cutting machine.

4. Press the blow button on the cutting machine, so that the glass can float on the cutting table and move freely for easy positioning.

5. Position the glass on the cutting table, press the stop button to end the blowing function, then step on the suction switch with your foot, and use the suction function to firmly fix the glass on the appropriate position of the cutting table, which is convenient for cut.

6. After the cutting is completed, press the stop switch to stop the suction function, and then turn on the blow switch.

7. Turn on the blowing switch of the parting table, clean up the debris and dust on the table, and then move the whole cut glass to the parting table in parallel. Be careful during the movement.

8. For the glass on the parting table, first clean the surrounding materials and place them in the designated corresponding positions, and then divide the whole glass into small pieces according to the cut marks.

9. After distinguishing each small piece of glass, insert the frame vertically in a row. This process must not be omitted, and the vertical angle of the glass must be guaranteed.

10. After a piece of glass is cut, use an air gun to clean the cutting table and the parting table of the cutting machine, and then you can place the next piece of glass for new cutting work.

3. What matters should be paid attention to when operating the glass cutting machine

1. When the glass cutting machine is in use, it is not allowed to plug and unplug the parallel cable connected to the computer, and do not plug and unplug any hardware equipment such as the control card. The computer or glass cutting machine shell should be grounded to ensure safety and prevent interference. The machine does not work Please turn off the power in time, and unplug the power plug when not in use for a long time.

2. Before operation, turn on the power to return to zero, and then manually try various functions, including injecting cutting oil, whether the air pressure is normal, and whether the cutter head is worn or not.

3. When loading a graph, make sure that the loaded graph is within the cutting range.

4. Check the glass to be cut before cutting, and it is required that the appearance should not have white spots and scratches.

5. When cutting, make sure that there is no one beside the y-axis.

6. In principle, the glass cutting machine should not perform other operations during operation, and other non-emergency stop operations should be performed after the cutting is completed.

7. After using the glass cutting machine to cut a piece of glass, clean the table in time to prevent glass chips from scratching the table.